Producer List

MPLC® represents more than 850 rightsholders, from major Hollywood studios to independent and local producers:

12 Yard Productions
2929 Entertainment
3DD Entertainment
9 Story Enterprises
A&E Channel Home Video
ACC Action Concept Cinema
AIM Group
AMC Networks (Walking Dead Only)
AV Pictures
AWOL Animation
Abduction Films
Acorn Group
Acorn Media
Actaeon Films
Action Concept
Action Concept Film und Stuntproduktion
Action Image
Adness Entertainment
Adult Swim Productions
After Dark Films
Ager Film
Akkord Film Produktion
Alain Siritzky Productions
Alameda Films
Alcine Pictures
Alcon Entertainment
All3media International
Allegro Pictures
Alley Cat Films
Alliance Atlantis Releasing
Alphablocks Limited
Altadena Film
American Cinema Independent
American Portrait Films
Anglia Television
Animal Planet Video
Animalia Productions
Annapurna Productions
Apollo Media Filmmanagement
Arclight Films International
Arenico Productions
Arte France
Artemis Films
Associated Television
Atlantic 2000
Atlantic Productions
August Entertainment
Australian Children's Television Foundation
Autlook Films Sales
Automatic Entertainment
B & B Company
BBC Worldwide
BBL Distribution
BBP Music Publishing c/o Black Bear Pictures
BKN International
Baby Cow Productions
Bandai Visual
Banijay International
Bankside Films
Bard Entertainment
Bardel Distribution
Beacon Communications
Becker Group
Beijing Asian Union Culture and Media Investment
Bejuba Entertainment
Bell Phillip Television Productions
Benaroya Pictures
Bend it Like Beckham Productions
Bentley Productions
Berlin Animation Film
Best Film and Video
Best Picture Show
Betty TV
Beyond International
Big Bright House of Tunes
Big Idea Entertainment
Big Light Productions
Big Talk Productions
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association / World Wide Pictures
Bio Channel
Blakeway Productions
Bleiberg Entertainment
Blink Films
Blink TV
Blue Red
Blue Zoo Productions
Bo Paul Media / Bennett Productions
Bob Yari International
BogeyDom Enterprises
Boilermaker-Burberry Entertainment
Bold Films LP
Boom Pictures Productions
Border Television
Boreales Films
Brad Lachman Productions
Breakthrough Entertainment
Bright Light Pictures
British Sky Broadcasting
British and Foreign Bible Society
Brook Lapping Productions
Brown Eyed Boy Productions
Buena Vista Pictures
Burbank Animations Studios
Burning Bright Productions
C3 Entertainment
C4i (DRG)
CCI Releasing
CDR Communications
Cable Ready
Cactus TV
Cafe Productions
Cake Entertainment
Calon Ltd
Cambium Catalyst International (CCI)
Candlelight Media
Cannon Pictures
Captured Light Distribution
Carey Films Ltd
Cargo Film & Releasing
Carnaby Sales and Distribution
Carrere Group DA
Cartoon Network
Cartoon One
Caryn Mandabach Productions
Cascade Films
Castle Hill Productions
Cats and Docs SAS
Celador Productions
Celestial Filmed Entertainment
Celluloid Dreams
Celsius Entertainment
Central Independent Television
Central Park Media
Channel 4 Learning
Chapter 2
Chatsworth Enterprises
Children's Film And Television Foundation
Chorion Plc
Christian Television Association
Ciby 2000
Cineflix International Media
Cinema Seven Productions
Cinematheque Collection
Cinemavault International
Cinnamon Entertainment
Classic Media/Golden Books Entertainment
Clerkenwell Films
Click Productions
Clover Communications
Colin Buchanan
Collingwood O'Hare Entertainment
Company Pictures
Conquering Lion Pictures
Constantin Film Verleih & Television
Contender Entertainment
Content Film International
Content Mint
Cookie Jar Entertainment
Coproduction Office
Coral International
Cosgrove Hall Films
Crackerjack Productions
Creation Films
Crescent Entertainment
Crime & Investigation Channel
Cross Wind Productions
Crown Entertainment
Crystal Image
Cube International
Cutting Edge Music (Holdings)
Cyclops Vision
Cypress Entertainment Group
D Christiano Films
DBM Films
DC Comics
DEF Media
DIC Entertainment
DQ (Jungle Book only)
Dan Films
Daniel Hernandez Productions
Darlow Smithson
Daro Film Distribution
David Hannay Productions
Davis Films
Death Awaits Cinema
December Films
Delphis Films
Denhams Broadcast & Digital
Devillier Donegan
Discovery Channel Video
Distribution Workshop
Diverse Productions
Dolphin Entertainment
DragonFly Film & TV
Drama Republic
Dream, LLC
Dreamworks Animation SKG
Dreamworks Pictures (Releases 2011 to present)
Dreamworks Pictures (Releases prior to 2011)
Dreyfuss/James Productions
Dynamic Television
E1 Entertainment and Television
EO International
ERF Christian Radio & Television
Eagle Rock Entertainment
Ealing Studios International
Eastern Educational Television Network
Eastwest Film Distribution
Echelon Beats
Echelon Entertainment
Echo Bridge Entertainment
Echo Media Distribution
Ecosse Films
Editions Equipespec
Electric Distribution
Electric Sky Production
Element Films
Elite Group Enterprises
Emperor Motion Picture Limited
Enchanted Thyme Entertainment
Endgame Entertainment
Entara Entertainment
Entertainment Asset Holdings
Entertainment One
Entertainment Rights Distribution
Epitome Screen Productions
Eric Velu Productions
Espresso TV
Essential Entertainment
Euro London Films
European Pictures
Evergreen Entertainment
Evra Media Solutions
Exclusive Film Distribution
Exclusive Majestic International
Eyeworks Distribution
FYI Network
Faction North
Family Entertainment Library
Feelgood Fiction
Field Associates
Fifth year Productions
Film Bridge International
Film Department
Film Engine
Film Finance
Film and Music Entertainment
FilmMates Entertainment
Filmnation International
Filmoption International
Films Around the World
Films De L'Orient
Films Transit International
Films of Record Ltd
Fine Arts Fiji
Fine Line Features
Fireworks Acquisition
First Hand Films
Five Star Productions
Flying Bark Productions
Focus Features
Focus Productions
Foothill Entertainment
Foresight Unlimited
Fortissimo Films
Fortune Star Entertainment
Foundation Films
Fox - Walden
Fox 2000 Films
Fox Look
Fox Searchlight Pictures
Foxtel Management
France Televisions Distribution
Free Dolphin Entertainment
Fremantle Media Enterprises
Fresh One Productions
Fuji Creative Corporation
GEM Global Entertainment Magyar
GK Films & TV
Galloping Films
Gallowgate Rights
Garden Productions
Gateway Films/Vision Video
Geronimo Productions
Gibson Group
Global Entertainment
Global Response
Goalpost Film
Gold Circle Films
Golden Network Asia
Gordon Films
Gospel Films
Grace Products/Evangelical Films
Granada Media
Grasshopper Productions
Gravier Productions
Great Point Media
Great Western Entertainment
Green Communication Library
Green Point Films
Greenestreet Films
Greenlight Media
Greenpoint Productions
Greenstone Pictures
Grizzly Adams Productions
Groundswell Productions II
Gruber Films
Grundy Television
Guinness World Records
Gurney Productions
HIT Entertainment
Hamdon Entertainment
Hammer Film Productions
Handsome Productions
Hannibal Pictures
Hanway Films Limited
Hardcash Productions
Hardheaded Films
Hardy Pictures
Harlech Television (HTV)
Harmony Entertainment Management
Harmony Gold USA
Hart Sharp Entertainment
Hartswood Films
Harvest Productions
Harvey Entertainment
Hasbro Studios
Hat Trick Productions
Hatchling Productions
Hearst Entertainment
Heather Pedley Productions
Hemisphere Entertainment
High Noon Entertainment
High Point Films
Highland Film Group
Highstakes Productions
Hilary Linstead Enterprises
History Channel
Hive Enterprises
Holding Pictures
Hollywood Pictures
Home of the Giant
Hope Street Entertainment
Hotbed Media
Hotsauce TV
House & Moorhouse Films
ID Distribution
IFM World Releasing
IM Global
ITC Entertainment
ITV Global Entertainment
Illumination Films
Image Entertainment
Image Madacy Entertainment
Impossible Pictures
In-Motion Films/J&M Films
Incendo Media
Independent Film Company
Indus Films
Initial Entertainment Group
Inspired Studios
Inspired Wellness Video
Instinct Entertainment
Integrity Music Europe
InterComm, Inc.
Intermedia Film Distribution
International Christian Communications (ICC)
International Film Forum
International Films
Intertropic Films
JNP Films
Jackie & JJ Productions
Jaffe Braunstein Films
Jan Chapman Films
Janson Media
Java Films
Jeremiah Films
Jim Henson Productions
Jim McElroy Holdings
John McLean Media
Johnson Production Group
Jonathan M Shiff Productions
Juniper Communications
K5 Media Group
KEO Films
KL Acquisitions LLC (Kushner Locke catalogue)
Kadokawa Herald Pictures
Kadokawa Pictures
Kadokawa Shoten
Kaleidescope Entertainment
Kalon Media, Inc.
Kensington Communications
Kestrel Film and Video
Keystone Pictures
Kindle Entertainment
Kingsway Communications
Knight Enterprises
Korda Film Library
Kudos Film & Television
Kushner-Locke Company
LMN Network
Lakeshore Entertainment
Lantern Film and Video
Largo Entertainment International
Last Wave Productions
Lazytown Entertainment
Leftfield Entertainment
Leomark Studios
Leopard International
Liberation Entertainment
Lifesize Entertainment
Lifetime Channel
Lime Pictures
Linn Productions
Lion Television
Liquid Motion Film
Little Airplane Productions
Litton Syndications
Live Entertainment
Lohse Movie
London Film Productions
London Weekend Television
Long Way Round
Looks Film & TV
Lorimar Telepictures
Lost World
Lucky Day Productions
Lucky Punch
Ludorum Enterprises
Luna Pictures
M4E Television
MEI films
MGM Pre 1986 Titles
MRC II Distribution Company
MRG Entertainment dba Mainline Releasing
MTV Films
MVM Entertainment Ltd
Magma Productions
Magnum Media
Mahoney Media Group, Inc.
Malofilm Distribution
Mar Vista Entertainment
Maralee Dawn Ministries
Martin Gates Productions
Marvel Characters
Marvel Studios
Maverick Television
Maximum Films International
Mayfair Entertainment International
Maze Film
McDougal Films
Medal of Honor Productions
Media 8 Entertainment
Media Rights Capital
Media World Pictures
Mediaserf Germany
Medstar Television
Mega Entertainment International
Mentorn International
Merchant Ivory Productions
Mercury Filmworks
Mercury Media
Meridian Television
Mersey Television
Messenger Films
Method Animation
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) Studios
Metrodome Distribution Ltd
Military Channel Video
Millennium Films
Mind's Eye Holdings
Minotaur International
Miramax Films
Momentum Pictures
Mondo TV Spa
MonteCristo Entertainment
Moonscoop Entertainment
Morgan Creek Productions
Mosaic Films
Motion Picture Corporation of America (“MPCA”)
Motion Picture Corporation of Australia
Motorsport Mundial
Mount Stuart Media
Moviehouse Entertainment
Mpower Pictures
Muggers Films
Muse Entertainment Enterprise
Myriad Pictures
NBC/Universal Television
NHK Enterprises
Nasser Group
National Geographic TV & Film
Natural History New Zealand
Nerd Corps Entertainment
Neue Road Movies
New Line Cinema
Newmark/Echelon Entertainment Group
Nickelodeon Movies
Nippon Animation
Nippon Television Network
Nonstop Sales
Nordic World
North Hall Productions
North One Television
Noukie’s Pictures
Novel Entertainment
Nu Image
Number 9 Films
OD3 Entertainment
OED Distribution
Oasis Pictures
Objective Productions
Octapixx Worldwide
October Films UK
Odd Lot Entertainment
Odin's Eye Entertainment
Olga TV
Omnilab Limited
One Planet
One Three
One Village Entertainment
Onyx Films
Open Door International
Open Mike Productions
Open University Worldwide
Optomen Television
Opus Distribution
Orange Eyes
Orange Smarty
Oregon Public Broadcasting
Orion Pictures
Osiris Entertainment
Outline Productions
Outright Distribution
Oxford Scientific Films
P.G. Production Services
PFG Entertainment
PM Library
PWT Distribution
Pacific Productions
Palm Beach Pictures
Pantelion Films
Parade Video
Parallax Pictures
Paramount Classics
Paramount Insurge
Paramount Pictures
Paramount Vantage
Parthenon Entertainment Group
Partners in Motion
Partridge Films
Passion Distribution
Pathe Films
Paul Scott Films
Peace Points Rights
Peacock Alley Entertainment
Peakviewing Transatlantic
Pearson Television
Peter Pan Video
Pett Productions
Phoenix Films Holdings
Piccadilly Films
Picnic Productions
Picture Palace Films
Pictures in Paradise
Pilot Film and Television
Pioneer Productions
Pixar Animation Studios
Planet Nemo Animation
Platinum Films
Polygram Filmed Entertainment
Popkorn Media Limited
Portfolio Entertainment
Portman Film and Television
Possessed Television
Power Corp International
Powersports Millenium International
Praesens Film
Praise Home Video
Prayer Flag Pictures
Premiere Entertainment Group
Prime Entertainment Group
Princess Productions
Productions Virage
Protagonist Pictures
Push Worldwide
Pyramide International
Q Pootle 5
Quicksilver Media
Quigley Village
RDF Media
RKO Pictures
RKO Radio Pictures
RLJ Entertainment
RTV Family Entertainment
Raise the Roof Productions
Rank Films
Raw Cut Distribution
Raw Television
Raydar Media
Recorded Picture Company
Red Granite International
Red Planet
Red Production Company
Red Sea Media
Red Shoes
Reel One Entertainment
Reel To Real
Reel World Management
Regent Entertainment Partnership
Relativity Media
Renown Pictures
Republic Pictures
Reunion Pictures
Revelation Films
Reverse Angle International
Revolution Studios Distribution Company
Rezo Films
Richard Gabai
Right Stuf Inc
Ring A Ding
Rinkel Film
Rive Gauche Television
River Road Entertainment
Riverdog Productions
Roadside Attractions
Robert Bruning Productions
Rohauer Library
Romulus Library
Rosenbaum Whitbread Film & Television
Roulette Entertainment
Rubber Duck Entertainment
Ruby Films
Rugged Entertainment
Rumpus Media
Russ Doughten Films
Ruth Diskin Films
SBE Entertainment Group
SC Films International
SCM Haenssler
SEPIA Lifestyle Oracle
SFX Sports Group
SK Entertainment
SO Television
SSG Produktion
SSG Produktion- und Vertriebs
Sage Entertainment
Salt Company
Salt Pan Films
Sardine Productions
Scholastic Entertainment
Scott Free Films
Scottish Media Group
Screen Media Ventures
September Films International
Serendipity Media Group
Sevco Films
Seven Arts Pictures
Seven Network
Seville Pictures
Shaftesbury Films
Shavick Entertainment
Shed Media
Shin Corporation
Shin Ei Animation
Shogakukan Music and Digital Entertainment
Shogakukan Production - Pokemon
Shout! Factory
Showcase Entertainment
Side By Side Films
Sidney Kimmel Entertainment
Sixteen South Television
Skreba Films
Sky Visuals
Slingshot Pictures
Solid Entertainment
Sony Pictures Classics
South Australia Film Corporation
South Pacific Pictures
Spark Productions Ltd
Spectacor Films
Spellbound Entertainment
Spiegel TV
Spier Distribution
Spitfire Pictures
Splash Media TV
Spun Gold TV
Spyglass Entertainment
St Benedict Press
Starlight Films
Steadfast International
Stephen J Cannell Productions
Steve Walsh Productions
Stone & Company Entertainment
Stonebrook Entertainment
Storm Entertainment
Story House Media Group
Storybox Entertainment
Strange Bedfellows
Stratus Film
Studio Lambert
Subotica Ltd
Sullivan Entertainment
Summit Entertainment
Sunset and Vine
Survival Wildlife
Switch International Nominees
TCB Media Rights
TF1 International
TLC Video
TTC Productions
TVA/Quigley's Village
TVF International
Tabaluga Enterprises
Talent Television
Talkback Thames
Talpa Global
Tandem Communications
Tapestry International
Target Entertainment
Taurus 7 Film
Teenergy Productions
Tele-Cinema Taurus
Television Associates
Tern Television Productions
The Australian Children’s Television Foundation
The Brickellian
The Canning Factory
The Chatterbox Partnership
The Illuminated Film Company
The Media Brothers
The New Zealand Film Commision
Thinkfactory Media
Three Seventeen Trust
Thunderbird Films
Tidy Productions
Tiger Aspect Productions
Tigress Productions
Toei Animation
Tokyo Broadcasting System
Tombstone Distribution
Tommy Nelson
Tomorrow Films
Tomorrow ITV Studios
Toot Enterprises
Top Shelf Productions
Tosi Westside Film & TV
Total Living Productions
Total Living Video Curriculum
Touch CPWP
Touch Productions
Touchstone Pictures
Trans World International
Tremer Releasing
Tricon Film and TV
Troma Films
True North Productions
True Vision Productions
Turner Entertainment
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp.
Twenty Twenty Television
Two Sides TV
Twofour Broadcast
Tyne Tees Television
Tyrone Productions
USA Films
United Artists Pictures
United International Pictures
United Productions
Universal Pictures
Up North Entertainment
VGI Entertainment
Valley Village Beats
Vectis Vision
Velvet Octopus Film
Vertigo Films
Very Much So Productions
Vestron Video
Viceland TV
Victory Media Musikverlag
Vision Films
Vision Music
Visit Films
Voltage Pictures
Volvo Ocean Races
Vulcan Productions
WGBH Educational Foundation
WS Releasing
Walden Media
Wall To Wall Television
Walt Disney Pictures
Wanda and the Aliens
Warner Bros.
Warner Bros. Animation
Warner Bros. Television
Warner Horizon Television
Warner Independent Pictures
Warner Premiere
Waterfront Entertainment Group
Weinstein Company
WestEnd Films
Westchester Films
Westside Film & TV
Westwind Releasing
Wieduwilt Film und TV Produktion
Wild Heart Productions
Wild Rover Productions
Wild Visuals
Wildfire Television
Winchester Film and TV
Wind Dancer Films
Windfall Films
World International Network
Xenon Home Video
Yari Film Group
Yellow Truck Productions
Yoram Gross/EM TV
York Films of England
Yorkshire Television
Your Family Entertainment
Zalman King Company
Zeal Entertainment
Zed Films
Zia Film Distribution
truTV Productions