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Whenever audiovisual content, whether films or TV shows on DVD/Blu-ray, downloads, streaming, broadcast, pay TV and video on demand are being viewed outside the private home it is considered a ‘public performance’ where legal authorisation is needed to avoid copyright infringement.

MPLC licences these public exhibitions - the right for an audience to view all audiovisual content in a public location, such as retailers, waiting rooms, reception areas, bars & restaurants, coaches, activity centres, schools, children’s nurseries, care homes etc.

In order to make it easy to comply with the copyright law, MPLC is offering an annual ‘MPLC Umbrella Licence®’ which allows unlimited showings of all works from MPLC’s rightsholders without the need of reporting titles, dates or times of performance.


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Our Partners

 MPLC works together with variety of institutions to protect the copyright of audio visual works. With our partners, we educate organisations, facilities and companies about copyright law and compliance.